Principal's Message

Our staff at Vista Verde Elementary School are so very proud of our students' accomplishments so far!  Attendance is strong as we are striving to have 97% attendance each day.  Our current average is 95%, which means on average, 40 students are absent each day.  We would like to increase daily attendance with all students as it takes about one week to recover from one day of absence!  The great first instruction on a lesson each day cannot be repeated with the same excitement, energy, and rich exchange of high level vocabulary words so PLEASE be sure your child attends school every day, unless he or she is sick with a fever of 100 degrees or more.  Please remember that we hold Saturday Fun Academies once per month to allow students to make up one day of absence.  The next day is scheduled for Saturday, November 14 from 8-12:15. Thank you for your continued effort.